A voice for the non-religious in Swindon

“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” ― Christopher Hitchens

Funeral Ceremonies

Funeral CeremoniesLosing a loved one is almost always painful, but it does at least bring people together to remember and honor those passed. Humanist funerals focus on the person being commemorated, their life and times, and can allow family and friends to share their memories however they may want to express them. 

Below are a list of Celebrants who are able to perform Non-religious Funerals in Swindon and areas around Swindon. They will work with family, friends and funeral directors to create a custom ceremony that will reflect the wishes of both the departed and mourners. If none of the celebrants below are suitable, for whatever reason, then try the British Humanist Funeral Celebrant Finder by clicking here.

Lesley Bottomley
“I can help you to focus on what will be right for your ceremony and by finding out about the person who has died, create a personal goodbye. When someone has not lived with religion as part of their life, then the choice of  a non- religious ceremony for their funeral is entirely appropriate.”
Phone: 01235 767309   Mobile: 07798 666 364
E-mail: lesley.bottomley@aol.com
To see Lesley’s online profile, click here.

Gillian Rundle
My experiences as a celebrant to date have been life changing, and the skills and qualities I have developed since that first ceremony for Mum have been invaluable in my work with bereaved families. My aim is to ensure families have complete confidence that their ceremony, will be just right and will fully reflect their own and their loved one’s needs and wishes.
Mobile Phone: 07985 052806
Email: jill.rundle886@btinternet.com
To see Gillian’s BHA profile, click here.

Neil Taylor
I became interested in humanist ceremonies when my father died in 2001. Previously I had always thought it important to speak about the person and had done so at family funerals. I am able to offer lots of suggestions and ideas, for readings, music etc. After, we work together, through email and further meetings, to refine and perfect the script.
Phone: 01635 46487   Mobile: 07761 061545
Email: neilmaggie@talktalk.net
To see Neil’s BHA profile, click here.


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