A voice for the non-religious in Swindon

“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” ― Christopher Hitchens

May events and meetings

We’re stepping up the pace here at Swindon Humanists with two meetings during the month of May!



First is our regular group meet at the Wheatsheaf Ale House in Old Town on Thursday May 15th, where Nikki Dancey will be leading a group discussion (and campaign policy formation) on the subject of Faith Schools.

Some of the main topics for discussion will be:
• What are our objections to Faith Schools and what will we actually do if an application for a new Faith School in Swindon is submitted?
• Devising a Swindon Humanists campaign policy / activism plan regarding local Faith Schools.
• Do we wish to contest current Faith Schools or just challenge new applications by faith groups?
• If an Islamic school is proposed in the area, how can Humanist campaigns for secular education differentiate themselves from Islamophobic campaigns by far-right extremist groups such as the EDL, BNP and UKIP?

Lots of points to discuss, so please come along and tell us what you think.

Wheatsheaf Ale House, 32 Newport St, Swindon, SN1 3DP – Thursday May 15th, 8.00pm.




Secondly, on Friday May 23rd we will be holding a joint meeting with the Swindon Philosophical Society at the Friend’s Meeting House on Eastcott Hill, and we are very happy to have Chris Street from Humanists4Science along to give us a talk with the exciting title:

“There is nothing that the scientific method cannot illuminate and elucidate (Peter Atkins)”


Chris is a lifelong atheist who discovered Humanism seven years ago. A committee member of Atheism UK, Chris is chair of Humanists4Science and webmaster and education officer of Dorset Humanists. In this interactive talk, Chris will discuss the Humanists4Science group, Scientism and the naturalistic world view. It promises to be very interesting and I’m sure will provoke some debate! We’re looking forward to our joint meeting, so please come along and get involved with the discussion. As with our normal meetings, a £2 donation to cover costs would be very much appreciated.

Friends’ Meeting House, Eastcott Hill, Swindon SN1 3JF – Friday May 23rd, doors open 7.40pm.

Both of these events will be posted on Facebook, so please let us know if you are coming by either e-mailing us or joining the Facebook event.


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